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What Type Of Class Do You Want?

What Type Of Class Do You Want?

What is it exactly that you want to learn about shooting a handgun? I find starting out there are basically two types of student needs and desires with handgun training. Simply put:

  1. You have a handgun or are planning to buy one and you really don’t know how to shoot very well, if at all and you just want the basics of how to shoot one and get off on the right foot.
  2. You are wanting to learn what it really takes to handle a handgun if you have to use it in a self defense situation. 1 can lead to 2 and you are at 2 now.

Other things start to happen in people that have gone through either 1 or 2, but most of us start right there. Where are you right now?

The classes I’ve designed are specifically tailored for each type of student. Here is how each are set up.

Number 1 – Introduction to Shooting

This is a simple 90 minute class where you bring your own handgun, whether a semi-automatic or revolver and learn how to shoot it. Your equipment, whatever you have, you bring it and I’ll work with you to show you how to shoot it correctly. If you don’t have a gun yet, I have a few you can use to learn that way. You bring your own ammo (about 100 rounds) and off we do.

This is a very elementary class and it is expected you know very little to nothing about shooting. Nobody is embarrassed because everyone is probably starting from square 1 anyway. I review safety rules, you bring your equipment: eye and ear protection, holster (if you have one) and your questions. This is a simple not frills get you pointed in the right direction.

Not, that if you are going to take a class for license to carry, this class is extremely helpful. I don’t teach the license to carry classes but I will provide you with the shooting skills needed to pass it. Those skills are NOT taught in the licensing classes. They just test what you already should know.

Introduction to Shooting Class


Number 2 – Preparation for Self Defense

If you are want to learn more than simply how to shoot your gun and more towards how to carry it and effectively use it for self defense, this is where the Essentials Classes come into play. You will learn everything from #1 plus how to draw from concealed carry and get on target fast.

This is divided into Level I & II. You will learn how to shoot, how to quickly and efficiently draw from your holster, how to move while drawing and quick reloading. This class requires more standard equipment to be brought into play than #1. You’ll need to either rent or bring that gun, ammo, holster, extra magazines and a hip magazine carrier. Hip doesn’t mean “cool”, it mean on your side. You’ll need a belt to hang all that stuff on. Basically, all the things you will need anyway if you are going to carry the gun for self defense.

You will also learn how to be mentally prepared and self defense prepared with situational awareness. Many taking this class are brand new to shooting and really don’t know how even hold the gun to shoot it. That’s fine, the class will get you up to speed quickly, much faster than just trying to “figure it out on your own”.

Level I & II Classes


Which class do you want? Come and join in, it’s fun on the range.

See you there.

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