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Target Shooting or Training?

Target Shooting or Training?

How confident are you handling your gun right now? Do you only occasionally shoot targets with it or have you actually “trained” yourself with it’s use? In an emergency, being attacked, can you quickly deploy it and get shots off or would you be fumbling all over yourself? Is it loaded and chambered, ready to go where ever you go? Is it a gun you use or only a ‘safe queen’?

There are many excellent trainers in Texas and across the USA. If you’ve never taken a formal training class you are missing out on the chance to rapidly boost your skills and readiness. Many of my students realize during my classes that they really have wasted a lot of money purchasing the wrong gun or the wrong holster or other equipment. They’ve only target practiced with it, or just bought the darn thing, then after running drills in class realize they are in a tangled mess trying to use a pipsqueak gun or oversized monster.

The good part about that is they realized it in training and before it was a life or death situation. Clearly, in a gun fight they would be the second place winner. No prizes for that. Usually no going home to family afterwards.

You cared enough about your safety or your family’s safety to consider being a gun owner. Finish the task and get rolling right with some training.

Also remember, when qualifying for your LTC, you are expected to know how to use your gun and shoot well enough to pass a test. They will not teach you a single thing about shooting. You should know already, you are demonstrating your knowledge. Don’t go unprepared. Teaching shooting is not what they do. That’s what trainers do.

Hope to see you at the range.

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