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Shooting Accurately Comes Down To This…

Shooting Accurately Comes Down To This…

There is one thing you need to do right in order to shoot accurately. If you get this one thing right you will see an accuracy increase that will leave a huge smile on your face. What is it?

Pull The Trigger Without Moving the Front of Your Gun

That’s it. It’s the one thing that is necessary that few people can manage to do. If you can master this you nail your target each and every time. End of story. That’s also the rub, few people can do it on demand.

If you start shooting by aligning your site on the bullseye and pulling the trigger and can’t prevent your sites from moving then I guarantee you that is the one spot on the target you will not hit. Impossible to do otherwise. Sound familiar? There are numerous reason for this problem and that’s where the training comes in. If you don’t train right you will never get it and you will never shoot well.

Fixing this is not the same for everyone. What I can do here is review a couple of common factors that contribute to the issue.

Milking the Gun

That’s why milk is coming out of the top of the gun image. It’s so common as to be universal. I call it being a jerk. 90% of us are gun jerks. We pull the trigger and jerk the front site off target in the process. Took me years to stop doing that.

Others call it milking and the reason is this, when you squeeze in your trigger finger towards your palm you can’t help but also contract your middle finger at the same time. They are physically tied together. Try it.

The effect of moving your other four fingers on the grip of your gun ever so slightly will cause the barrel of your gun to move off target. If you are right handed you end up shooting lower left, consistently. Just the opposite with lefties. If that’s what you do then this is your issue. Solution?

Grip hard with your support hand. By pressing hard with your support hand you physically prevent the rest of your hand from milking the gun. See my other post on push-pull. Gripping hard with your support hand allows you trigger hand to remain underneath and relaxed, able to feel the trigger properly.

Rob Leatham explains it quite well.
That’s right, don’t even bother aiming until you get this right. Grip tightly, point and practice pulling the trigger without moving the front site. That shorter the barrel the more critical this is. Place a bullet on the tip of your gun and pull the trigger without it falling off, or a dime. Watch your sight and check for any movement whatsoever. Did it move? Screw down your grip even more.

Once you have this down start shooting and check where the bullet went.

The Wrong Sized Gun

I’ve written 2 posts about this and won’t repeat it all here. If your gun is to small or large, your finger won’t easily press the trigger straight back. The trigger should be resting on the pad of your find, not the knuckle or tip. If it’s not naturally there you should look at changing the grip size on your gun, if you can. If not, you’re buying another gun and paying the price of not knowing. See my other posts on this.

Nothing can replace the watchful eye of a good coach. I have my coaches still.

Hope to see you at the range!

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