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Secret Sauce To Rarely Have To Clean Your Gun Again

Secret Sauce To Rarely Have To Clean Your Gun Again

Wouldn’t that be sweet to almost never have to clean you gun again? I am not referring to rarely shooting it either. When I first started shooting I was cleaning my gun after every trip to the range. People in the know told me to be sure to do that because… reasons. So I did, up until I started shooting a LOT. By a lot, I mean maybe 2-3 trips to the range a week with maybe 250 rounds each time. Ridiculous to spend that much time cleaning a gun. So, I went to weekly.

I found that after 1000 rounds or so my gun oil was mostly burnt up and the gun was running dry and clunky. Metal on metal makes things stiffen up. I kept wondering, “there must be something that I can lube my gun with that wouldn’t dry out all the time.” I wish I’d found it sooner, but I finally found a better than expected solution. It’s called “Slide-Glide”. Now I rarely clean it and it runs much smoother.

What is Slide-Glide?

Slide GlideHere’s the propaganda, but it’s really not. It’s true. Disclaimer, I don’t sell or market this stuff, only wish I did. I’ll tell you where to buy it below. Slide-Glide is a uniquely formulated lubricant that protects all firearms from corrosion and wear. It also softens “felt recoil” in all semi-auto’s, especially pistols. I can tell you that I smear this stuff with a his cheap brush all over the internal parts of my handguns and the results are amazing.

Unlike oil, this stuff says where you put it and keeps your slide and internal parts flowing like water. Racking the slide is easier than after a fresh oiling. Oil disappears and dries out, this stuff will keep lubing for 5-10,000 rounds and keep on chugging. Plus you don’t get oil dripping out of your gun constantly.

I mistakenly thought that powder residue gums up the internals of the gun so it starts running rough and you have to clean that out. Truth of the matter is that the residue can act as additional lubrication if the gun doesn’t dry out. That’s what this stuff keeps from happening. The graphite residue actually adds lubrication to the goop.

It is engineered to have a stringy characteristic so it doesn’t “track” or shear on the sliding metal surfaces. It just stays put and drags itself into the friction areas of the cycling process of the slide and barrel. It’s stringiness keeps grease between the moving parts making the pistol action feel smoother when you shoot it.

Slide GlideI personally recommend this for your guns. All of them will run better. It comes in 3 different viscosities depending on the temperature you will be shooting in, 30+, 60+ or 80+.

You can get more information on this amazing stuff from Brian Enos the co-inventor at http://brianenos.com/pages/slide-glide. I want to say that my evaluation time with Slide Glide has been most impressive. It is rare to find a product out there that actually does what the owner claims but Slide Glide is one of those. Mr. Enos is a great guy and obviously knows how to run a business. Slide Glide now has a permanent home in my cleaning supplies and I really hope you add it to yours.

Here’s video showing it being applied:

Here’s an endorsement:

Thanks for checking in and see you at the range.

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