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Real Life Gun Use – How Would You React?

Real Life Gun Use – How Would You React?

They call it a “gun fight” not “gun target shooting” for a reason. It’s a fight. Take 7 minutes and watch this video and get an excellent analysis of an actual incident and the narrator’s evaluation, which is excellent. See the actual video (opens in new tab).

This was an all out fight. The good guy is Chris Newton from Holland, MI. At the time of the video Chris was an ex veteran with no formal handgun combat training. Since this incident he understood well the need for it and has since taken the training. Training never stops. I also continue to go.

Open the video link above and watch it, then come back and read my few observations below.

First of all, Chris won. No matter what he did right or wrong, he won. It could have gone either way. The second place award goes to the guy on the ground when it’s all over.

  1. He had to make a split second decision on what to do and as he personally knew the store clerk he decided to not allow her to be pummeled. Had he not known her he might have stepped into something like the guy being an undercover officer making an arrest she was resisting, then you are in deep crap stepping in. How would you know? He may have been trying to take a knife away from the girl. Girls are not always innocent victims these days. You’d better be damn sure before you dawn your hero cape and pull a gun.
  2. He initially pulled the gun but did not shoot. Many think pulling it and aiming scares bad people. The guy didn’t hesitate, just attacked anyway, ignoring the gun. If you pull it shoot it or you can end up in a fight real fast. If you were a small woman your chances of doing what he did are small. I know he decided to pull the gun instead of just do hand to hand because the guy was built and strong. He wasn’t.
  3. When he finally shot he did something next he shouldn’t have done. He looked over his barrel to see if it had an effect. It did not. Bullets are not death rays. Instead the guy kept coming without pause. The first shot was in the lower torso, not a stopper shot. When you shoot you just keep shooting until the bad guy decides he’s had enough and falls down or runs away. Then you stop, not before. One shot rarely does the trick unless you get an eyeball. Even a heart shot bleed out gives the bad guy 10-20 seconds before going down. He can hurt you bad in 20 seconds.

When you’ve decided to carry a gun, are you ready, really? You have it, true. There’s more to this than just having it. Training will help you make it second nature. Lack of it can get you real dead.

Hope to see you at the range.

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