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It’s Not Enough to Know What, You Need to Know Why!

It’s Not Enough to Know What, You Need to Know Why!

There are a host of things everyone needs to do in order to execute a draw from the holster and followed by a solid series of shots on target. One thing I challenge students of shooting to do is to always ask “why” if I don’t explain the concept with the why. If you don’t know the why, it’s very easy to forget the what and then things all start to go bad. You should not look at your cell phone while driving. I think you know why. It’s the why that keeps us on the right path.

There is a “why” behind how you should put your hand on the gun before drawing from the holster. The “what” is that you should have the web of your hand as high on the gun as it can go, even causing that web to wrinkle a bit it’s so tight against the dovetail of the gun. Why? Because after your first shot there will be recoil and the higher you hand is on the gun will better control the flip of the gun on recoil so you can get it back on target for follow up shots more quickly. If you fail to do the first touch of the gun right, the end results will be less effective.

There are the mechanics of pulling the gun from the holster, where your trigger finger is placed, the motion to bring it up chest high, the motion of your left hand to a ready position, the joining of the hands into a proper grip, the mechanics of putting your finger on the trigger and how you pull the trigger so as not to jerk the barrel off target.

For each of these mechanics there is a reason behind why the best of the best shooters consistently do them for precision results. When you understand that and the whys behind them you will be a better shooter.

We’ll also start slow. You don’t need to go fast to groove in the mechanics into the hard wiring of your brain. Repetition will do that, resulting in naturally going faster and faster.

I know if my golf drive has a slice or fade right that the angle of my backswing was wrong. When I slice I know exactly why because I hired a pro to show me how to swing correctly. I can now self correct. When a right handed shooter is consistently hitting low left of the target I know exactly why that is happening. 95% of shooters have the same problem almost 100% of the time. Do you know why? You will. It can be corrected and it doesn’t mean adjusting your sights, they are probably fine.

Hope to see you at the range!

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