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How Should I Carry Extra Magazines?

How Should I Carry Extra Magazines?

Just do a web search for “magazine holster” or “pistol magazine carrier” and stand back. Seriously there are choices in abundance. For class and general practice I recommend a double magazine holster because you’ll have more rounds on board and will be able to shoot more before having to stop and reload. Above is one from MiHolsterco.com that does the trick. There are many options. I’ll show you a few more at the range. You need to specify right or left handed and the gun you are using.

gun-magazine combo holster.Do not consider buying gun AND holster combo on the same mount as pictured. Think! You are holding the pistol with your holster side hand, you need to drop your magazine and reload. How to you get to the second magazine? You have to reach across your body to get to it. Not efficient. Gun on one side, magazine on the other. Even in the picture shown, the magazine is backwards. Sheesh.

The main problem I personally encounter with magazine carriers the they cause the magazines to dig into my waist, and I mean dig uncomfortably. I find them more uncomfortable than the gun. I’ve tried many holsters and have discovered two of my most comfortable options are from 511tactical.com and miholsterco.com.

The main problem I personally encounter with magazine carriers the they cause the magazines to dig into my waist, and I mean dig uncomfortably.

horizontal magazine holsterFirst, the horizontal magazine carrier from Holster Co. I chuckled at first when he showed it to me. Then the more I thought about it I decided to give it a try. Frankly, I like it a lot. I can get to it as fast as the vertical one and it doesn’t dig into my side sitting all day long, or driving in the car. Standing is never a problem with most concepts but this works equally as well standing or sitting. If it’s not comfortable I’ll talk myself out of using it. Simply don’t want the annoyance all day long. This works for me and I don’t know anyone else who makes it. You will only find the vertical one on his website but if you ask him to make it horizontal he will.

It also has an adjustable screw tightening feature. This allows you to adjust the tension holding in your mag so it doesn’t slip out and yet easy to pull out.

The other option from 5.11 Tactical are their ingenious pants, tactical or jeans. I have both. They have built in mag carrier pockets that are ideal. Just slide your magazine in (even the jeans) and you are good to go. Can do 1 on each side if you like. In addition, the jeans for $69 are the absolutely most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. If I can get away with dressing in jeans or cargo style pants this is the way to go. Yes, they have shorts also.

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