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Couples Training Together is a Multiplier – Here’s Why.

Couples Training Together is a Multiplier – Here’s Why.

“Not even a mighty warrior can brake a frail arrow when it is multiplied and supported by its fellows. As long as your brothers support one another and render assistance to one another, your enemies will never gain victory over you. But if you fall away from each other your enemy can brake you like frail arrows, one at a time.”—Ghenghis Khan

Defensive skills are greatly enhanced with a couple together can work as a team and work out various scenarios on how they will react to a threatening situation. Threats will not come like your fantasies think they will, nor will bad people do what you fantasies imagine they will. They simply do not think like you do.

Still if a couple together can go so far as to work out some base understandings and know each other’s skill set you have greatly increased your odds of winning in any conflict. You can trust each other to have your back and work as a team.

What kinds of things am I referring to? Drills you can work on together.

First and foremost is situational awareness. Two swivel heads can look for problems before they develop instead of catching you by surprise. I respect that each gender has their own strengths and weaknesses and smart people capitalize on them. Men, you need to respect your wife’s internal ability to detect threatening situations and people as more acute than your own. The hairs will stand up on her faster than you, normally. It’s a survival skill you had better heed. Dogs can smell and hear better then people. Hawks can see better than people. Women can sense danger faster than men without special training. This is teamwork. If you are used to discounting her in this regard you’d better wise up. My wife can sense a scoundrel about the time they open their mouth. I’m more gullible. After nearly 50 years I’ll freely admit she’s nearly always right.

Secondly, you can work on scenario drills together. One of the really sweet things to work out is what’s called the Comanche Drill just for couples.

There should be plans worked out ahead incase of a street rip off. Say you’re walking in Deep Ellum a bit to late at night. There’s certain places in Dallas you shouldn’t be at certain times but there you are walking to your car. The rip off guys see you and are betting you are easy targets and will respond by making a run for it or becoming flustered, frozen and immobile. They like that part of their surprise package. Maybe there’s 3 of them and the lead devil has the gun or knife.

Your best defensive tactics include turning the tables, doing the unexpected and directly attacking into the threat. That upsets them. Makes them sorry they chose you. They are expecting you will comply because as a man you want to save your wife from problems, like a hostage.

Assuming you are both armed now and have trained together, consider the Comanche Drill.

The ‘Comanche Drill’ calls for the male and female to work in unison. The male manages the negotiations while the female is responsible for the flash roll (da money). It is imperative both are totally focused on possible angles of attack and possible angles of exposure. Safety requires that they must remain in close proximity to each other.

When the bad guys go to gun and shout, “give me the f*****g money (or some such),” the male, with as little fanfare as possible, protectively pulls his wife or partner behind him. The guy is perceived as the threat to them and by him doing the talking and acting they stay focused on him. The real threat to them is her and they don’t realize it. It’s a con game back at them.

Hidden behind him she can be quivering while drawing her pistol hidden behind him, they’re watching him. She becomes the quarterback now. All the while, he is shouting words meant get the focus on him and to buy them critical time to implement their counterstrike. The male first wants to feign submission while at the same time moving his hands as close to his pistol as possible. To enhance the ploy keep the palms facing toward the predators.

The female determines her best angle of attack. With her draw stroke being masked by her partner, she shouts an authoritative command to her partner to either “go right” or “go left”. If she has decided to go right, she steps out with her right foot, drags her left foot and remaining coolheaded punches bullets into a predator. She also has the option, depending on her physical adroitness, to cross left foot over right. The advantage of this maneuver is that it more quickly creates separation between partners. The male Street Fighter obviously follows the command, goes left with previously practiced footwork and quickly hammers bullets into the other bad guy or guys. During practice reverse the roles.

  • Partners could practice the Comanche Drill on steel or torso cardboard. It is well known that many shooters work on their reaction time to threats but usually stop once they become comfortable with their base times. Reaction time is where the shooter has made a prejudgment to shoot even before he hears the beep from the timer. He knows exactly where the target has been placed and may already be staring at the target while awaiting the beep. Buy a shot timer so you can accurately asses how fast you really are.
  • The woman may wish to pay close attention to her draw stroke during practice. In training females frequently get the draw stroke hung up on their garments, yes guys do too. Either their nails were too long or else clasps or sharp edges on their jewelry were the culprits. Women need to train as well as men. Determine what works and what doesn’t work for a fast, accurate draw stroke and take immediate corrective action.
  • Most training stops at this point. To be good you must train beyond to become lethal. This next step gauges our response time by varying the location of the steel target. You face away from the target while your training buddy moves the target. Reaction time is still measured; however, the man will first have to turn his head to locate the target as he pivots his body.
  • You can add target identification as a third phase to training. You are still training reaction as well as location but you have to differentiate between shoot, no shoot targets and priority of threats. These are excellent drills for you to practice together making you kickass partners. Hit first, hit fast, hit last. When your gut is instinctively screaming that something isn’t right you’ve got to go to trigger.
  • View this clip on a Brazilian off duty police officer response to an armed robbery. He is the epitome of teamwork, the gray man, and pure vanilla. He shields his wife with his body, awaits his window of opportunity, and with absolutely no hesitation violently ends the hostility. This is how fast it can all come down: Jewelry Store Robbery. She wasn’t armed, it would have been a force multiplier if she was. He handled it.

See you at the range.

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