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Concealed Carry Makes You a Sheepdog? Really?

Concealed Carry Makes You a Sheepdog? Really?

Back in 2001 LTC. David Grossman wrote in his book that concealed carry turns you into one of the “sheepdogs” in a society that has sheep and wolves. The sheepdogs stand guard and come between the innocent sheep to protect them if the wolves show up. As a sheepdog we should step into the fray and become the protectors of our fellow man. You can read it here… Is that what you were thinking when you decided to buy a gun and start carrying daily?

Are you now society’s superhero? The one who runs towards trouble instead of escaping it with your loved ones? Sounds more like a death wish to me. Consider this in the realm of reality instead of a dream superhero world for a minute and maybe you will see the problems with this type of thinking.

The Sheepdogs are the Police Not You

It’s the police that are the closest thing we have to the sheepdogs. Yet even that concept is flawed. Sheepdogs are no threat to wolves or coyotes. A sheepdog attacking the predators will just become prey and taken down. That’s not what they are there for.

In real life, the police really aren’t there to protect you, legally. They are more there to draw a chalkline around your body and investigate the crime. In the recent case where the Florida police officer did not go into the school to stop the active shooting the judge ruled that he had no legal obligation to do so. In all the outrage, the illusion bubble was broken that the police are our defenders in times of crises. If they decide to take it upon themselves to do so it is a personal decision, maybe a moral felt obligation, but no legal requirement to do so. The sheepdog will probably not attack a wolf either. He knows better.

If the Police Don’t Protect Me, Who Will?

Simple, you. Think of yourself as being a porcupine living among the sheep. If they attack you they understand they will get hurt in the process. I consider myself a prickly target.

As Dave Spaulding always says, “You must be an active participant in your own rescue.” I have his shirt with the quote on the back.

What I’m about to say next may shock you as it goes against a lot of illusions, yet should be said and understood.

The police have no legal obligation to save your butt and you have no obligation to save everyone else’s butt either.

What I’m about to say next may shock you as it goes against a lot of illusions, yet should be said and understood. The police have no legal obligation to save our butt and you have no obligation to save everyone else’s butt either.

Your Obligation is to Yourself and Your Family

If I’m suddenly in the midst of a robbery or hold up or active shooter situation are we, armed citizens, to rush into that fight? What should we do? Time to “stand my ground” or some kind of crap like that?

Here is my mission (militarily speaking), to get my personal loved ones and myself out of harms way. If I have to shoot my way out, then so be it, if I don’t all the better. I will protect my family numero uno, and… see to it that I am still there to continue being her husband, a father and grandfather for the rest of my natural life.

So, you would escape with your family like a coward and leave those other innocent people to fend for themselves? Consider this, if they took their freedom of choice to decide not to be armed or trained then they made that decision for themselves. Their lack of willingness to be armed and to train does not put me under obligation to rescue their bacon from the fire because I did.

Not to long ago a concealed carrier was in a Walmart and in front of the checkout counters was a guy waiving around an AR ready to rob the place. He shot off a round or two to get everyone’s attention and got everyone to cower. The concealed carry guy saw himself as in instant hero in his own eyes. Whispered to his friend, “I got this”. So he gets behind the guy and starts to pull out his pistol to take him out. He didn’t realize this guy had a woman with him who wasn’t cowering watching the scene and saw him. She shot him dead on the spot. Hero to zero just like that. He didn’t get to go home to his family that day, a child lost a father, a wife lost a husband and parents lost a child. It’s a ripple effect. Secondly, had he tactically looked around he would have probably seen the woman not looking scared like the rest of the people and taken note.

If a Fight is the Last Resort Then Be Prepared

That’s the key. The last resort. Your mission is to not let your loved ones be harmed which includes being harmed by losing you as part of their family. If the only resort left is to fight, then go into it determined not to give up until the wolf is down. You may be shot or stabbed or beaten up in the effort but none of those should be show stoppers. Do not submit until you black out. If you’re still breathing you should still be fighting. Your life won’t pass before your eyes, I guarantee that. What anyone that has survived thinking they wouldn’t, it’s their family and loved ones that pass before their eyes. That’s what they miss. Being there for them is your mission.

The what ifs of all this can go on forever. You have to decide those. Do not engage in a fool’s errand. Avoid the conflict, give them your dang wallet and ring. You’re dealing with wolves, remember that.



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