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Concealed Carry For Women and Dressing?

Concealed Carry For Women and Dressing?

Holsters for women present more opportunities than many think. Choices are deciding whether it’s on the body or in the purse.

Many decide to use purse carry because they don’t want to dress in such a way as to support a belt holster. A purse does not make for a good holster or a top choice. Maybe for a back up small gun it’s fine. A couple problems purse holsters present are: a) A snatched purse means gun gone. b) A purse grabber tug of war means zero access to your gun. c) No putting your purse in your shopping cart while you turn your back on it to shop. Baby on board shopping carts give access to your gun. It’s happened, mom’s have been shot accidentally this way, in my neighborhood. d) In a panic attack situation it’s not nearly as fast getting to your gun. It takes 1 second for an attacker to get to you from 5 yards. 3) not allowed on the range to draw from for practice.

There are bra holsters. I don’t allow them in class but it’s an option for many women for everyday. Here are some reviews on different choices. Consider for example a bra holster under the arm as pictured. Getting to it fast without snagging on clothing means you are possibly ripping buttons off or you need to make sure your blouse or shirt will allow for access. Also consider the direction the barrel is aiming and remember the basic rule of gun safety, never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. Enough said.

Here is a longer article on carry for petite women. In Facebook, here is a video that might surprise you.

For the range to practice the essentials of drawing your holster properly you’ll want to bring a belt mounted holster, hard or leather sided, In the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside (OWD). Consider miholsterco.com.

Additional Sources and Ideas for Women:

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See you at the range!

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