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Greenville Handgun Training specializes in training student to properly prepare for a gun fight and facing a life changing event. If you ONLY want to receive your LTC, this training is now done online. You can look for many websites across Texas to do that. I suggest checking out Texas License To Carry Online.


You don’t need an LTC for home defense, only to carry concealed. Following your online class (that involves nothing in the way of gun skills training), you then have to pass a gun “Proficiency Demonstration” at a local range certified to do that. Again, this is not gun instruction, it’s proving you have it already.


Our task here is to equip people to be ready to enter a life changing event and increase the odds for being successful. It will make the Proficiency Demo easy.


If You Are New To Handguns…


I recommend coming to class and renting a gun. Buying a gun can cost you well over $500 plus holster and related equipment. It’s a lifestyle. Knowing what to buy and what equipment works can save you a lot of money and get you started right. You’ll know how to shoot properly, how to find a gun that fits, style that fits, caliber that’s best for you and your needs.


You wouldn’t buy a car before you’ve learned how to drive and what you need (hopefully). Don’t let buying a gun be any different. Learn what you need then you can buy what you need.


You can sign up for Private Tutoring (90 minutes) to start or the Introduction to Combative Handgun (3 hours). Either way, you will be well on your way. I really recommend the full day of Intro plus Holster and Movement Class in the afternoon.