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Upcoming Classes - Limited Class Sizes

Normal Schedule:

Introduction, Level I & II classes: (normally) 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month.

OCTOBER Schedule: 5th and 19th

NOVEMBER Schedule: 16th Only

DECEMBER Schedule: 7th Only

 Please Read Below Carefully

All students will register from 8:30-9:00 for all levels.

9-10:30: Will be for Introduction to Shooting. This is for all students, the Introduction Only level students will be done at 10:30.

10:30-10:45: Break

10:45-12:00: Level I & II will resume class leading to completion of Level I at noon. Level I students will be awarded their certificates upon satisfactory completion and may leave.

12-1:00: Lunch

1:00-5:00 Level II only students will continue with more advanced training.

You are signing up for the amount of training you want to receive. All students will go through the Introduction to Shooting Class. Level I & II will stay for completion of Level I and then Level II students will stay for completion of that class.

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Range Location – Please pay attention to this

All Classes are conducted at:
Jacob’s Plain Gun Club
6734 Farm to Market 118
Greenville TX 75401

Map To The Range

Manual turn by turn:

From I-30 take Exit 96 and turn onto 302 towards Greenville. Take the first right onto Forester St. (499) then the first left onto 118.

Follow 118 N across 224 and continue north. After a curve you will turn left again to stay on 118 N – do NOT continue on the 118 Spur to Jacobia.

Continue on 118 N to 6734, you will see the range on the left hand side after about 2 miles.

Quick Level Explanation:

For beginners it is required to take Level I (which includes “Introduction to Shooting”) before taking any other levels. Each level requires taking the previous level unless you can test out for competency. Read over the class description under Training Classes and check yourself before asking. If you feel you can get a pass then call me. Current of former LE can opt for Level II only without pre-requisites.

You can take Level I one day (mornings normally) and come back to take Level II another day (afternoons normally). You can also elect to take I&II the same day. This will save you money, $10 for the classes plus the extra $15 range fee.

By taking both classes the same day you get the advantage of additional skills while the new skills are still fresh. Either way, you’ll have plenty to work on in practice after the class is over.

Level III will only be taught based on felt demand/needs, probably only once a quarter. When offered, better grab it. This is an extremely fun class that will incorporate all the skills of I&II by putting them to some fun surprise tests in simulated IDPA and USPSA stages. You’ll also learn scoring and compete against the other students in the class.

Sometimes I hear students say they don’t like the pressure of competition. If you are taking these classes for self defense then by definition you will be completing against a bad guy under high duress pressure. It’s important you can operate under pressure. Anything you can do to prepare for that awful event you should take.

Minimum of 4 students to conduct each Level III class, maximum of 10.

I hope to see YOU in class.