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I Started As A New Shooter Just Like You

Having the same questions you have, I can help you understand the art of shooting.

John Clark - Instructor
John Clark – Instructor

Greenville Handgun Training is new to Texas in December 2018. As a handgun instructor I bring solid experience in training shooters before retiring to Greenville and the Hunt County area. Yes, I came from Michigan so please don’t hold it against me. I got here as fast as I… well, you know.

Fresh in my memory are all the handgun questions new or inexperienced shooters have. It was in 2013 I decided to buy a handgun and hold a concealed carry license living in Michigan. I had no idea what I was doing and getting into. I joined local range for practice and discovered the I was really a lousy shot. It’s difficult to be accurate with a handgun. Not many others standing there on the firing line were much better.

A good friend who was an solid shooter (but not the instructor type) invited me to go practice with him in an action shooting set up he put together, running, drawing, shooting from behind barriers and such. I still wasn’t accurate but I was hooked on the fun. Standing still on the firing line missing targets just wasn’t that much fun. Now I could miss them and have a lot more fun doing it.

I enrolled in an 8 hour “Advanced Pistol Course” from my concealed carry instructor in 2013 which slightly improved my shooting. Now I’m hungry to learn even more.

This began my quest to become an even better shooter. I enrolled, with my friend Tim Bunch and at his urging, in a 2 day class called¬† “Concealed Pistol” taught by David Spaulding. Dave was the the Police National Instructor of the Year in 2011 and travels across the country teaching numerous seminars. See more about Dave at “Handgun Combatives“. Dave revolutionized my shooting skills in two days. I still wasn’t that good, just better. Now the active reinforcement of the skills taught would start. Regular shooting, constant practice.

Three months latter he was back in the area and I enrolled “Situational Combative Pistol” course. Another 2 day course with intense instruction on mindset and many more aspects of shooting. I also took a course Dave co-instructed, “Realistic Advanced Combatives” by the the Police Institute of Tactical Training in 2015.

Still with practice and effort I was not the shooter I wanted to be in speed and accuracy. I become a member of the USPSA (United States Pistol Shooting Association) and started to train and shoot competitively at area matches. I got better.

I also enrolled in a course taught by Frank Garcia (travel to Frostproof, FL) a USPSA Grand Master shooter and instructor at his “Universal Shooting Academy“. Frank also teaches special forces, by assignment, how to shoot. I learned an enormous amount from him. I’ll go back for more before long.

In the meantime my local range, Southern Michigan Gun Club, began an increased emphasis on action shooting. I was appointed to be the director of that Special Interest Group (SIG). In that capacity I began my teaching and put together my handgun training courses, doing exactly what I’m looking to do in Hunt County, help new shooters and improve average shooters to become better. See the video of the action there, I’m featured at 2:43 into the video. The same video is above.

You will learn from the skills that I have learned by standing on the shoulders of other excellent shooters. It will be solid Essentials (as Dave Spaulding calls them) that you can build on for a lifetime of fun and possibly life saving skills.

In addition, I’m a certified NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and NRA certified to teach Personal Protection in the Home courses. I took all of that intermingled with all the above.

I love teaching and shooting. Every course I’ve taken has always been with an eye of “how can I show this to others who need it”. That’s why I do this.

I'm featured at 2:43 as Action Shooting Director

Quick Background Overview:

  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor
  • David Spaulding’s “Concealed Carry”
  • David Spaulding’s “Situational Combative Pistol”
  • Universal Shooting Academy “Competitive Pistol”
  • PITT “Realistic Advanced Combatives”
  • Lead Handgun Instructor at Southern Michigan Gun Club
  • USPSA Competitive Shooter, Production Class