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Registration is now OPEN FOR THE FALL CLASSES. Brand new handgun owner classes scheduled for Sept. 5 and Oct. 10

Essential Handgun Skills Instruction

If you are new to the world of handguns, looking to get your “Concealed Handgun License” (CHL), improve your shooting ability and knowledge, the classes offered here will help you do that. I do NOT provide CHL classes. I do teach you what you should know before you go to class or before you actually carry your handgun. Your CHL class will not provide handgun instruction. It only covers the law and tests if you can send bullets downrange.

My classes are broken down into 4 basic levels of teaching from new shooters to the more advanced. “Advanced skills are the basics mastered.” In these classes we call the basics “essentials”. These are the essential skills you will need to shoot and shoot well with proper technique and understanding. In more advanced courses you will learn how to apply the essentials in dynamic self defense situations while moving and actively engaging targets.

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